Briars of North America

Briars of North America is a futuristic-chamber-folk group that find inspiration from both traditional and experimental sounds — shape note singing, old-timey string music, etc., and weirder free jazz, new classical, and electronic music.

We call the band “post-americana” because it reflects a desire to return to a life of simplicity, a way to reorganize human relations outside the context of apocalyptic capitalism, an affirmation of one of our mentor’s sayings: “Simplicity is the new wealth.”

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2008, the Briars is the brainchild of second cousins Jeremy Thal and Gideon Crevoshay, and quickly grew to include bassist Greg Chudzik. Over the years the Briars have also included guitarist Simon Jermyn and drummers Tommy Crane and Chuck Staab.


Jonah “Live” (2020)

Orisis (2011)