OneBeat 2019, Colombia

The OneBeat Colombia 2019 mixtape presents the sonic results of this historic gathering of socially engaged musicians from Colombia, Venezuela, and the U.S. The first-ever OneBeat program on the South American continent, OneBeat Colombia took place in El Valle de Cauca, Bogotá, and Boyacá regions of Colombia in May-June of 2019. The program focused on how music can serve as a healing force in situations of post conflict resolution, and how we can build lasting creative ties between these three countries.

This mixtape includes a dizzying variety of genres, ranging from traditional to hiphop to experimental, and many genre combinations that the world may have never heard before, (such as traditional Armenian songs mixed with Pacifico Sur marimba patterns). Five of these mixtape tracks were also made into videos (El Celoso, Kilele, Para Consolación, and No Llores Mas.)

Primarily produced and mixed by OneBeat co-founder Jeremy Thal, the OneBeat Colombia Mixtape also includes three tracks produced by 1B-Colombia staff member MonoKike (Patacoreo, Mucxs Chiques Chichiques, Pool Party), one produced by Santander de Quilichao-based Colombian fellow Chambimbe (Etiquétame), and two tracks mixed by U.S. fellow Tatev Yeghiazaryan (Junglas, Love it Shoots).

Selected Music Videos & tracks